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Trump's First Lie As President: Inauguration Turnout

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Honestly it looked like a million and half people, whatever it was it was. But it went all the way back to the Washington Monument ... and by mistake I get this network and it showed an empty field, and it said we drew 250,000 people. Now that's not bad, but its a lie."

Is Trump lying? Arial time-lapse footage points to yes.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer backed Trump up, saying the inauguration drew the "largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe."

But multiple photos and videos beg to differ.

This fuels more of Trump's hate for the media, in the same speech saying "I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth."


The next day, thousands more attended the Woman's March on Washington in the exact same place, clearly filling much more space. And millions more marched around the world.

Trump did not acknowledge these Marches. Instead, he boasted more lies.

I think assumptions count as lies too. Elections don't replace protests. This was a march. Most of these people probably voted. Celebs are helping the cause. It's unfair and manipulative to make these assumptions.

And seriously - "badly" is the BADDEST word.

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